LMS Band Calendar

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Playing Checks/Tests 10/5/16

For this year, we are using a new setup for home playing in band that utilizes special features of Echo and allows for more accountability on the part of the student. For each “project” or concert there will be a range of playing checks assigned in the students’ Echo folders for the class. These playing “checks” are small playing examples that are graded as pass/fail checks. While there are “due dates” for each of the checks, all of the playing checks can be turned in until the end of the quarter with NO LATE PENALTY. All passed checks will be given FULL credit when they are passed.

The other part of the playing checks is that they must be completed in order and a student cannot turn in the next playing check until the one before it has been PASSED (graded). I assure everyone that I am grading as quickly as possible and have generally kept up with students during the week. This does not prevent students from recording multiple videos at once and having them ready to turn in as they are graded. Students must plan ahead to have all of the assignments completed and cannot just turn in all of them on the last day.

It is my hope that this system will allow the students to work at home with a flexible schedule for practicing, but will keep a good layer of accountability to the students to make sure that they are practicing at home. 

If you have any other questions about the setup of the assignments, as always feel free to contact me at kgovert@tricreek.k12.in.us